Optional Trim Board can be used to fill in any gaps between your frames and wall to create a more built-in look to your installation.


Closed End without any Trim

Rear view of attachment details

Closed End with Trim Board Attached

Choose 84"long or 96"long

Attach to frame for a built-in look



This is an optional item (Not required).
Use this for aesthetics only. It has no structure purpose.
Choose between two lengths: 84" or 96".
Available only at 3"wide x 3/4"thick solid wood (Hemlock).
Available in any of our 9 finish options.
Back side of trim board is drilled to make attachment easier.
Solid board can then be cut down in wide to fit any gap between your frame and adjoining wall.
Cutting of board will require a power saw and skills to use a saw.
Includes wood screws.


Close up view of screw attachment

 84"long Trim Board
  Unfinished Price: $30.00
Choose from 9 Finish Options

 96"long Trim Board
 Unfinished Price: $36.00
Choose from 9 Finish Options


Trim Board includes Wood Screws


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