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Breaking News: Top Scientists back EPA report confirming that Formaldehyde Causes Cancer

Before you buy a particle board closet..."Google"  "Does formaldehyde cause cancer"  and then Google "Does particle board contain formaldehyde"

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Who says Particle Board is Toxic???

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These are real photos from Particle Board, MDF and Melamine Manufacturing Plants

California's EPA report on Particle Board (PB) dated April 26, 2007 confirms:
7,000 kids in the U.S.(23 to 63 per million population*) under 9 years old are estimated to get cancer due to Particle Board Formaldehyde exposure in their home.
As many as 56,000 adults in the U.S. (86 to 231 per million population*) will get cancer in their lifetime due to Particle Board Formaldehyde exposure.
Carb Compliant Particle Board Phase 1 will only reduce the cancer cases by 12 to 35 cases.

*Based on EPA specifically reporting up to 63 kids per million will get cancer (49 million kids under 9 in USA) and 231 adults per million will also get cancer due to particle board (243 million adult population in USA).

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Did you know??  If you are purchasing particle board closet systems, The California Environmental Protection Agency actually recommends "Leaving it in your garage a few days to let off Formaldehyde Gas emissions before bringing it into your home"  Click here for Link  From 
*No Walls are needed for support or assembly, however in Earthquake zones we recommend our wall attachment brackets to prevent possible tipping.


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