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Freestanding Closets

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36" Freestanding Closet

Building Your Freestand Closet

36 Inch Solid Wood Freestand Closet Our closet system is constructed the exact same way as our commercial grade products, standard is "Unfinished". All uprights and shelves are made of REAL solid wood. Our uprights are made of "Knot-free" Hemlock and our shelves are made of rich Northen Pine. Our materials are all grown and manufactured in the USA. The wood we use is environmentally responsible and safe. Unlike particle board or other engineered woods, our product contains no dangerous formaldehyde or toxic chemicals. Pine is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials today.

Effective, March 2009, we now offer three new finishes at an additional cost: Clear, Pecan and Cordovan. Call for more details.

New Finishes!

Available on any Simple Closet collection.

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Includes :
2 Uprights, Top and Bottom Cross Rails

Available Features :

These are the items that you can choose to build your Freestanding Closet.

Solid Wood Drawer Drawer

Price: $98.60
SALE :::: $75.85

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Solid Wood Shelf Shelves - 36" W

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Corner Shelves Corner Shelf

Price: $47.06

Model :
SALE :::: $36.20

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Closet Cross Rail Hangrod Rail
Holds the Shelves on the Uprights.

Model : CBU-HR15
Price: $8.50
SALE :::: $6.54

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Shelf Pins Shelf Pins
Holds the Shelves at the desired level.

Model : PIN
Price: $0.05

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Wall Attachment Clips Wall Attachment Clips
These Attachment Clips are used to secure your Freestanding Closet to the wall.
(Recommended to secure on larger units)

Model : WAC
Price: $2.75
SALE :::: $2.12

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Uprights Uprights - 15" Deep x 84" High
You can connect Hangrods or simply add more shelves to your Freestanding Closets by adding more uprights.

Model : CBU-U15084
Price: $65.57

Model :
SALE :::: $50.44

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Holds the Shelves at the desired level.

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Price is subject to change.Tax and shipping not included*

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What do we mean unfinished?
If you choose unfinished you will be getting the exact same system only all of your wood parts will be in natural unfinished wood.
Our unfinished wood is sanded beautifully smooth, ready for you to either set up as is, or apply your own finish to.
Many of our customers actually prefer the look and feel of our natural "sanded smooth" unfinished wood.
Our finishing process is very labor intensive (Costly). When you choose unfinished we simply pass our savings on to you.

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