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Simple Closet is brought to you by Lundia USA (A subsidiary of The Recom Group, Inc.). Lundia products have been manufactured in the United States for over 50 years.

Our closet systems are currently installed in over 1,000 commercial stockroom installations throughout the United States. Our commercial clients include Macy's, Ann Taylor, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Brighton Collectables and J.C. Penny just to name a few. All of these clients have been using Lundia to handle all of their clothing and merchandise in stockrooms. Imagine the abuse our products have to endure with store personnel accessing our product every minute to bring clothing/merchandise out to customers in their store. These "Closet Systems" are built as high as 12' and often have 3 vertical rows of hanging. Visit
www.LundiaUSA.com for more details.

Our closet system is constructed the exact same way as our commercial grade products. All uprights and shelves are made of REAL solid wood. Our uprights are made of "Knot-free" Hemlock and our shelves are made of rich Northern Pine. Our materials are all grown and manufactured in the USA. The wood we use is environmentally responsible and safe. Unlike particle board or other engineered woods, our product contains no dangerous formaldehyde or toxic chemicals. Pine is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials today.

Believe it or not, Lundia has been around longer than APPLE, Walmart, Best Buy, Starbucks and even Kmart. Our original shelves from the 1960's still work in today's Lundia product line. Lundia can be found world wide throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

The Recom Group is an INC 500 Company and has been featured on NBC News, Fox News, Fox Business, CNET and more.  For additional information visit: www.RecomGroup.com

  The Lundia brand is sold in over 33 countries. Lundia USA has been providing the most versatile and reliable shelving systems in North America for over half a century! In fact, today's wood components will still work in most shelving installations dating back to the 1950's. LundiaUSA became part of The Recom Group, Inc. approximately 20 years ago.

Lundia has been used in mostly COMMERCIAL applications since 1957. The original design was built to handle heavy duty commercial use. This same Heavy Duty Construction is the same for all of our closets as shown on this website.

Approximately 5 Million Shoes are currently stored on Lundia shelving in over 600 Macy's stores throughout the USA

Believe it or not, Lundia has been around longer than APPLE, Walmart, Best Buy, Starbucks and even Kmart. Our original shelves still work in most of today's Lundia product line. Here are some of our original Lundia Ads from the 1970's
circa 1970's Advertisement circa 1970's Advertisement circa 1970's Advertisement circa 1970's Advertisement

The Lundia Brand is sold Worldwide

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