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Solid Wood Closet Organizers

There is absolutely NO particle board, mdf or melamine used in our Closets!  Particle board is made with formaldehyde....one of the most toxic chemicals known to man and proven to cause cancer (over 1,000 pages of documentation on this subject). Be sure to find out what specific materials any of our competitors use to build their closets.
We are the ONLY closet manufacturer in the world that publically lists our materials/ingredients....see our Material Safety Data Sheets.
We even list the exact forests our Certified GREEN lumber comes from!

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Click here to get the Facts about Particle Board and Formaldehyde!

California's EPA report on Particle Board (PB) dated April 26, 2007 confirms:
7,000 kids in the U.S.(23 to 63 per million population*) under 9 years old are estimated to get cancer due to Particle Board Formaldehyde exposure in their home.
As many as 73,000 adults in the U.S. (86 to 231 per million population*) will get cancer in their lifetime due to Particle Board Formaldehyde exposure.
Carb Compliant Particle Board Phase 1 will only reduce the cancer cases by 12 to 35 cases.

*Based on EPA specifically reporting up to 63 kids per million will get cancer (49 million kids under 9 in USA) and 231 adults per million will also get cancer due to particle board (327 million adult population in USA).

Important Facts About Solid Wood Closet Organizers vs. Particle Board


Compare materials from the top manufacturers:

Excerpt from the USA Consumer Protection Agency 2015 Update:
Why should you be concerned?
Actual Quote:
"Formaldehyde exposure may potentially cause a variety of symptoms and adverse health effects, such as eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation, coughing, wheezing, and allergic reactions. Long term exposure to high levels of formaldehyde has been associated with cancer in humans and laboratory animals.

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These are real photos from Particle Board, MDF and Melamine Manufacturing Plants

Will the Real Wood Please Stand Up? (In Search of Formaldehyde-free Furniture)

All particle board material has two things in common:

1). It is by far the cheapest, least expensive material to manufacture with. That was the primary reason this product is being used in manufacturing.
2). All particle board contains "Formaldehyde" which is a necessary part of gluing all the wood chips together to form a panel.

Most closet organizers are made of particle board....you might think this is good news....
The core of our panels is made of 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber. Our panels are certified to meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 standards  

Here are the facts....Here are actual excerpts from the CARB certification:

What is formaldehyde and what are the health effects of formaldehyde exposure?
Formaldehyde is a colorless gas and is released to the environment from a variety of sources including the combustion of fossil fuels such as gasoline and propane, tobacco smoke, fireplaces, and wood burning stoves.....Health effects can include nose and throat irritation, a burning sensation of the eyes, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and can trigger asthma symptoms in those with asthma. Sensitive individuals may experience fatigue, headache, and nausea.
"Formaldehyde is also a known human carcinogen." California Environmental Protection Agency

You may leave your new "Particle Board" product in the Garage for a few days to let it off-gas before bringing it inside   from the California Environmental Protection Agency / Air Resources Board

Read the CARB statement....Click Here:
Here are the facts from the California EPA / Air Resources Board (CARB) 

While looking for a closet organizer you may come across websites or companies calling their product "Solid Wood" when in fact it is made of particle board (sometimes referred to as "Engineered Wood"). It is a false claim, made under the misleading idea that because the board or shelf isn't "Hollow" inside it is solid.
Here is the truth about particle board vs. solid wood (We are also including links to other non-biased sites to substantiate the information we are providing you):

*The advantage of particle board is lower cost. It is made of scrap wood particles glued together to form a board. The problem with particle board is that it is brittle and will break easily when hit with force (especially on a corner). Most people have had this experience with a cheap piece of furniture. This is why a fine piece of furniture built in 1930 will outlast a new piece of furniture built in 2008.

Particle board can be made to look like beautiful solid wood by laminating veneer or fake wood over it.

Here is what others say.....

Excerpts From Wikipedia Encyclopedia:

Particleboard is cheaper.........and is substituted......when appearance and strength are less important than cost.

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